Their Royal Highnesses’ London Charity Cocktail and Auction raised funds and awareness for Serbian children with special needs

Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia

London, February 7, 2017 – Lifeline Humanitarian Organization ( whose patron is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine, organized a successful charity cocktail and auction at the University Women’s Club in London in order to raise funds and awareness for the treatment of children with disabilities in Serbia. The auction pieces – paintings and dresses – were generously donated by the Serbian artist Cile Marinkovic and by the designer Roksanda Ilincic.

This unique project that combines art and humanness is the idea of Alison, the daughter of Their Royal Highnesses and Danica Marinkovic, an artist and the daughter of the famous painter Cile Marinkovic.

I would like to thank all the good people who responded to the appeal of my Foundation and the Lifeline Humanitarian Organization to help this magnificent project. I thank everyone who worked so hard on this event including the Lifeline trustees Mrs. Patricia Fisher and Mr. Robert Valentine, British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, members of committee: Vesna Petkovic, Jadranka Dervisevic-Kitaric, Lazar Vukovic, Maria Andjelkovic, Olga Mikhaylova and Cindy Christodoulou, Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sandler, Sotheby’s and the Women’s Club, as well as many companies and volunteers who made this event possible. I would also like to the thank the media present this evening. Thanks to the interest and support by bringing together influential artists such as Cile Marinkovic and Roksanda Ilincic, as well as linking with important partners from the United Kingdom, we organized this beautiful exhibition and auction to help children. When you connect art, kindness and love you get the formula for humaneness, the formula for a better and more beautiful tomorrow”, said Her Roy
al Highness Crown Princess Katherine.

The auction was attended by Their Royal Highnesses’ children Hereditary Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Alison, Roksanda Ilincic with husband Philip Bueno de Mesquita, Mr and Mrs Cile Marinkovic with their daughter Danica, Serbian Ambassador to the United Kingdom HE Mr Ognjen Pribicevic with spouse, Sir Paul Judge, Chairman of the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the patron of the “Cambridge Judge Business School”, Professor Nadey Hakim, transplant surgeon and author who, on this occasion, presented him with Crown Prince’s portrait sculpture, Lord Stevens, Lady Forte and many other prominent public figures from Serbia and the United Kingdom.

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