by Henry Goldman 

It might sound odd when you hear the words “Digital Real Estate”, because we all associate real estate with physical property.

But real estate has become digital.

While 15 – 20 years ago property search was done by looking through ads in the newspaper, today potential buyers and renters are turning to their trusted local real estate website and are relying on them. However the emphasis is on local. But what if someone would like to invest, purchase or rent a property in another country? This gap was closed by Premizez.

Premizez not only has millions of international property listings, but millions of real estate agencies, architects and professionals associated to the real estate industry.

If you need a local Architect, Designer or Electrician you will find it on Premizez. This brand truly covers everything around premises and will soon be the number one digital real estate portal people turn to. Premizez is reshaping the real estate industry.

As it is general knowledge, the real estate sector has the highest allocation of investments with about $200 trillion in various assets.

The founders of Premizez have been active in the real estate world in various countries for more than a decade.

„Many real estate agents are complaining that various local real estate portals are squeezing more and more money out of them every single year, even though the market didn’t grow in most cases in terms of size, And in many countries property portals are still relatively unprofessional“ they said.

Might Premizez be the end (to the greed) of these portals?

Premizez is a huge success among real estate agents and agencies and placing entries is free.

Premizez gives everyone the opportunity to promote their properties locally and globally. When a user places a listing on any Premizez website, this listing is accessible globally. That means a prospective Chinese buyer can easily look at investment properties in Australia, Switzerland or Canada without having to switch to different local websites.

And if for example an Australian real estate agency franchise places all their properties on Premizez, they will get a worldwide exposure. These property listings can not only be found on Premizez Australia, but everywhere else. On the websites of Premizez China, Premizez Indonesia etc.

And Premizez does not just present sections like certain luxury properties, they cover markets. And with the skyrocketing success Premizez experiences it will not be much longer until you will find all premises on premizez. So people use Premizez as their (only) local real estate source as well as to search globally.

So far there are only portals who are market leaders in one country. Some of them cover some of the neighbouring countries but not a single portal is truly global.

To cut my analysis short: There are hundreds of real estate websites globally, but Premizez is the first truly global portal, connecting properties with their future buyers and tenants locally and globally. You do not need to visit endless websites to find the right place, Premizez is your one shop stop. You find everything in one place.

Premizez is currently present in 65 countries, their aim is to expand to 100 countries by the end of this year.

As the number of international buyers grows continuously, the importance of Premizez is enormous and will grow immensely in the same way.

The founders said that the feedback from their users is phenomenal. The chances for Premizez to become the world’s leading real estate portal are high.

“We had phenomenal feedback from the beginning, the number of properties in our portal grew so quickly that we had to restructure the entire portal. The properties are floating in and especially real estate agents, buildings companies, project home companies, architects and designers are happy to have free access to the global real estate world. Premizez simplifies things for businesses associated to the real estate industry as well as users and we offer more than everyone else in the industry for free. A concept people simply can’t resist. And there will be much more in the near future“

The competitors will have to come up with something to stop this brand from growing. But wait, Premizez does not really have any competition. So they came, saw and soon they will have conquered. Premizez is definitely one of the hotshots in the digital world to watch.